Welcome to Partille Library!

Partille library is open to everyone. Welcome to visit us to borrow books, magazines, music or use our computers and free wifi. Here you will find all the information you need to start using all of our services. 

User pages

Login to see and renew your loans. You can also reserve books, leave purchase suggestions and read about what’s going on at the library. On our website you can also search databases and read magazines and newspapers online.

Loan periods

The normal loan period is 28 days. 

If the item is reservered by another patron the loan period is 14 days. 

For rental dvd:s and some popular titles the loan period is 7 days. You can renew not reserved items  on our website or by contacting the library.  


Visit our e-book website to borrow e-books for listening or reading on your tablet, computer or smartphone. You need your library card number and a pincode.


Your library card is considered personal property. You are responsible for returning your items on time and for replacing not returned or damaged material. 

Please keep your contact information updated.

Adults are responsible for their children’s loans. 

Borrowing is free of charge, except for films that cost 10 kr/week. 

Fees for overdue loans:

Adult media:  5 kr/media and week.
Seven day loans: 5 kr/day

For fees exceeding 100 kr, your library card will be blocked until the fee is payed.

Fee to replace media (other fees may be added):
Adult media min. 250 kr/media
Childrens' media  min. 150 kr/media
Music CD 150 kr
Audiobook 200 kr
Paperback book 50 kr
DVD:s:  500 kr
PC games: 500 kr


For items that are not returned in time, the library will send a reminder approximately 10 days after the return date. The reminder costs 10 kr.  


If overdue material has not been returned after the reminder, you will receive an invoice for the replacement cost of the not returned media. The invoice is sent approximately 30 days after the return date.    


If the invoice is not payed or the media not returned, the debt will be handled by Inkasso (Swedish debt collector). Inkassos own fees will then be added. 


When the debt has gone to Inkasso you are suspended from borrowing from the library until the media is returned and/or the fee to the library is payed. If you have a fine for overdue material of more than 100 kr, you will be suspended in the same way.  


Information about an individuals loans, holds or other type of order, will not be given, according to 9 kap. 22§ sekretesslagen (SFA 1980:100, SFS 1989:713).

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